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Is an A&P Mechanic the Right Career Choice for You?

Are you considering a career as an A&P Mechanic?   Being an aircraft maintenance technician is extremely rewarding, both because of the work itself and the benefits you’ll receive. The salary expectations are high and the job satisfaction is to match. With job prospects all around the world and amazing opportunities full of benefits for you […]

Eligibility requirements To Get An Airframe and Powerplant License

Eligibility requirements   Use this check list to determine your eligibility to undertake an A&P license.  We cannot stress enough there is no way around this.  We have witnessed many students waste their money on programs thinking this will allow them to take their exams. you must meet these requirements before purchasing anything or considering taking your A&P.    […]

Is it hard to achieve a career as an aircraft mechanic?

Is it hard to achieve a career as an aircraft mechanic?  For those of you considering a career as an Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) mechanic, one of the biggest questions we know you’ll have is how easy will it be to land a job.  I’m sure you hear and know of many individuals that go through endless hours of study whether at university […]

What is an FTN number?

FAA Tracking number (FTN) Any FAA Airman knowledge test booked after 13 January 2020 requires the participant to hold an FTN number. The FTN is a number assigned to you by the FAA and stays with you throughout the course of your aviation career. Before booking any Exams through PSI for your Airframe and powerplant […]

How much do aircraft mechanics make per year?

How much do aircraft mechanics make per year?  When considering a career in aviation, or anything else for that matter, the first question that comes to mind is usually how much do I get paid! As you are exchanging your services for money and working incredibly hard to obits important to know as much as […]