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How To Fill Out Form 8610-2

What Is FAA Form 8610-2? Now for the fun part!  We know that you have a passion for paperwork, that’s what got you into aircraft engineering in the first place, right?  Well fortunately for you, the process of becoming an A&P mechanic is full of exciting adventures in the world of forms and legal jargon. […]

What Is A Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME)?

When doing your oral and practical examinations you are probably wondering, who is going to do the exam?  The school will not provide your assessor or do the exam themselves in-house.   Instead, you will be given free choice to choose any examiner in any State in the US, they just have to be approved by […]

Demand for A&P Mechanics

Demand for A&P mechanics.   According to Boeing’s pilot and technician outlook report, “Long-term demand for newly qualified aviation personnel is incredibly high, as 626,000 new maintenance technicians are needed to maintain the global commercial fleet over the next 20 years.” This is an incredibly high number both for reasons like retirement age and airline expansion, and certainly opens […]

How to book written Aircraft and Powerplant exams through PSI

Booking your written exams  A common question with answers that are very uncommon, is how do I actually book my written exams?  There are endless articles out there telling you to sit your airframe, general, and powerplant written tests and how and what to revise, but no-one telling you how or where this can be done.  What’s the use in studying for an exam you’re not even sure […]

What is an A&P license?

If you are considering becoming an aircraft mechanic you may be wondering what route you will need to take and what certifications you need.  With so much information out there and routes into the industry you may find yourself burnt out just figuring out a way into the industry!   To put it simply, the only […]