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Demand for A&P Mechanics

Demand for A&P mechanics.  

According to Boeing’s pilot and technician outlook report, “Long-term demand for newly qualified aviation personnel is incredibly high, as 626,000 new maintenance technicians are needed to maintain the global commercial fleet over the next 20 years.” This is an incredibly high number both for reasons like retirement age and airline expansion, and certainly opens doors for current A&P mechanics and aspiring A&P mechanics world-wide! 

Demand for A&P mechanics 

  • International travel is growing daily and A&P Mechanics are needed to maintain aircraft  
  • After the airline industry was halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the global economy is desperate to pick up and international travel is vital for this 
  • More people are retiring than are entering the field 
  • As airlines grow, so does the need for mechanics.  Airlines must have a certain amount of mechanics on their books, to prove they can maintain a growing fleet size 

There is never a bad time to want to become an A&P mechanic, you will be a part of a solid industry, both one that is always growing and can never be phased out, and one that is future proof against AI and emerging technologies.  

The need for aircraft mechanics 

As you may already know, A&P mechanics, also known as aircraft maintenance technicians (AMT), are responsible for ensuring the safety of all aircraft.  Before every single flight that takes off worldwide, a signatory is taken from an A&P mechanic issuing a CRS (Certificate of release to service) meaning that all work and inspections have been carried out and the aircraft is fit for flight.  The A&P mechanic that issues this CRS is fully responsible for that flight, the safety of the passengers and crew is in his/her hands!  Because of the fact that every flight needs a team of A&P mechanics ensuring its safety, and aircraft need a considerable amount of maintenance every day, A&P mechanics will always be in high demand.  Without aircraft mechanics there is no flights which means the whole industry would grind to a halt. Whether it’s a passenger or cargo aircraft, an airplane or a helicopter, these mechanics are vital to the aircraft ever leaving the ground, and industries will forever need large teams of mechanics performing both preventative and reactive maintenance.  

Job opportunity 

The aviation industry is ever-growing, and the more flights and aircraft there are the more A&P mechanics are needed.  The aviation industry has been consistently growing and as air travel becomes more and more affordable for many the progress doesn’t look like it will slow down any time soon.  The industry works together in a domino effect, the more airlines open up to new destinations, the more aircraft they have to put on order (built by A&P mechanics of course) the more A&P mechanics needed again in-house to maintain the fleet.  It’s a win-win! With this growth rate and ongoing need for mechanics, you can be almost certain you’ve entered a career path that is both highly rewardable and very secure.  The great thing about the nature of the industry is it gives you the option to either stay at one aviation firm for your whole career or work on a contractual basis, jumping from company to company.  


In the aircraft maintenance industry, the average age of A&P is around 30-50 years.  However, 20% of technicians are over 60. according to the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) report, This means that a staggering 35% of the industry will be eligible for retirement in the next 2-5 years. 

Every year new A&P mechanics entering the industry equate to around 2% of the AMT employees, According to the 2019-2020 ATEC Pipeline Report.  

You do the maths! It is pretty clear that these are 2 extremes, and as a whole just means that there isn’t a better time to enter the field!  This shortage and high demand at the same time increases both opportunities and salaries for the A&P mechanic.  

Good news for aspiring A&P mechanics 

Both the high demand for mechanics and the retirement rate for older mechanics both just serve a recipe for an industry full of opportunity.  You can be rest assured your career is secured for many years to come, and the specialist knowledge you hold means that there is always a demand for your expertise!  The amount of time it takes to become an A&P and the years required to gain experience leaves you in a highly valuable position.  As the world recovers from COVID-19 A&P are in higher demand than ever before, and as airlines look to expand and get people flying again to more destinations, opportunities continue to expand.   

As you have read above there are lots of reasons as to why the need for A&P mechanics is ever expanding.  An over looked factor in choosing your career is whether or not there is even a demand for your that career!  I’m sure like many of us you know of many horror stories of people graduating/qualifying only to find themselves struggling to find work.  If you have the desire in becoming an A&P mechanic, this should not be a worry of yours.  If you are still deciding if this is a job for you please click here!  And even if the worst of the worst occurs, you will find that your skills are highly transferrable to many different engineering industries. If you decide this is the route you want to take, here at Aero-mech zone we have exactly what you need from everything to jobs, revision material, and everything around obtaining you’re A&P.  

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