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How to book written Aircraft and Powerplant exams through PSI

Booking your written exams 

A common question with answers that are very uncommon, is how do I actually book my written exams?  There are endless articles out there telling you to sit your airframe, general, and powerplant written tests and how and what to revise, but no-one telling you how or where this can be done.  What’s the use in studying for an exam you’re not even sure how to take!   

At Aero-mech zone we understand for a lot of international students in particular this is an extremely daunting process, a process which you need to pay close attention to.   

It’s an industry kept secret, which allows schools to over-charge you for basic information being withheld, forcing you into their programs.   

For those devoted and disciplined to study themselves, we have put several a whole step by step guide and program together and it is this that separates us from the rest and pushing us to be industry leaders in helping you obtain you’re A&P. 

PSI (formerly LaserGrade) offers computer-based test administration for professional and occupational licensure and certification examinations, and is exclusively chosen by the Federal Aviation Administration to use its own secure network and software. 
PSI is the largest United States owned and operated network in North America. PSI has more than 1,000 computer-based testing centres across the United States and Canada, including 30 international sites. PSI is one of only two computer-based testing companies authorized by the federal government to administer all FAA Airman Knowledge Tests and delivers more than 60 required exams for commercial and private pilots and mechanics. 
Your local PSI FAA Test Centre can administer FAA tests required for numerous certificates or ratings. 

According to FAA regulations, students seeking designated Certificates and Ratings are required to take an FAA Knowledge Exam. These knowledge exams will demonstrate the student’s level of competency in a multitude of aviation subjects. The FAA has delegated the testing services to an outside contractor known as PSI. Under the guidelines of the FAA, knowledge exams may only be given through certified testing centres. 

All computer-based exams for the A&P – specifically the written exams – MUST be taken at an approved FAA PSI test centre.  Anywhere not on the PSI website or approved by the FAA will be void.  Do not fall into a scam for somewhere cheaper or through any other governing body. 

What do I need prior to booking an exam? 

You can view the FAA airman knowledge testing matrix here For all applicants you must create and hold a valid FTN number.  If you do not possess an FTN number you will be unable to book and sit examinations.  To find out what an FTN number is and how to obtain one please click here. 

What is required 

All applicants   

  • Application information must be valid and current  
  • Identification must include ALL of the following information –  
  • photo  
  • date of birth   
  • signature  
  • physical, residential address 

US Citizens 

  • Identification card issued by any U.S. state, territory, or government entity o (e.g., driver permit or license, government identification card, or military identification card)  
  • OR  
  • Passport 
  • OR  
  • Alien residency card 

Non-US citizens 

  • Passport  


  • Driver permit or license issued by a U.S. state or territory  


  • Identification card issued by any government entity 

References for Acceptable Forms of Identification  

• Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) Part 61, section (§) 61.35(a)(3)(i), (ii), (iii), and (iv)  

• FAA Order 8080.6 (as amended), Conduct of Airman Knowledge Tests, “Test Procedures-General” Chapter  

• FAA Order 8900.1 , Volume 5, Chapter 1, Section 3, pars. 5-54 B.1), B.2), B.4), C., and D. FAA Airman Knowledge Testing Applicant Identification, Information Verification, & Authorization Requirements Matrix: Revised 5/18/21 

Acceptable Forms of Age Verification  

• An applicant must present state or federal government-issued photo identification as proof that he or she is at least the minimum eligibility age required for the requested knowledge test as listed in the applicable table of this document and as stated in the applicable portion(s) of 14 CFR Part 61, sections (§§) 61.35(a)(3), 61.96(b)(1), 61.103(a)(b), 61.123(a), 61.153(a), 61.183(a), 61.213(a)(1), 61.305(a)(1); or 14 CFR Part 65, § 65.53(a).  

What’s next? 

Once you have ensured you hold an FTN number, and meet all the FAA requirements, you are now ready to book your FAA written exams.  Exam dates and times are relatively accessible and you should not find yourself in a position where you are unable to find an exam session to fit your schedule.  For international students in particular, we recommend not booking anything until you arrive in the US and have been certified by the FAA inspector.  We also strongly recommend students book as they go along – for example don’t book onto the airframe if you have failed the general, pass them one by one (in any order) as there is a lot of content for students to get through.  For more on our exam tips please click here and have a read of some of the best revision methods and ways to go about booking your exams and fitting it into your schedule in the most cost and time efficient way as possible. 

Steps to book PSI exams  

Create a PSI account and schedule your exam with PSI 

  • Create an account on the PSI site to be able to register for the exam. Make sure to follow the password validation rules that are on the screen.  DO NOT forget this password as resetting it has to be done by phone, during busy periods it can be very hard to get in touch with a representative and also note there is a 24-48 reset process.  Forgetting your password would not only be a major inconvenience for you but will also set you back a few days with your exam schedule.  

IMPORTANT: Enter ALL of the names EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR on your government ID passport or driver’s license. If your last legal name contains two last names, enter BOTH LAST NAMES. 

  1. Do not enter a suffix if NOT indicated on your ID. 
  1. If you are a US citizen or US resident you MUST enter ALL of the names on your driver’s license. 
  1. International students you MUST enter ALL of the names on your passport. 
  • Proceed with the online application process and choose the correct exam that you are planning to take. Changes may only be made within 24 hours of registration directly with PSI.  Any changes or cancellations after 24 hours will result in your payment not being refunded.  The only exams on the list you should be focused on are the following:  
  • Aviation Maintenance Airframe (AMA) 
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician General (AMG) 
  • Aviation Maintenance Technician powerplant (AMP) 
  • To register for the exam, follow these steps: 
  1. Select the country as United States 
  1. Enter local area Zip code 
  1. Enter Mile radius  
  1. Select a time frame and location 

As mentioned above, do not book any FAA written exams through any other provider or third-party website.  You must book these exams directly via PSI.  Effective 1 July 2021, the fee to schedule for all FAA Airmen Knowledge Exams will be $175. 

As part of the global effort to contain the spread and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus, PSI have instituted enhanced procedures and test centre closures in certain areas. All test centre closures due to COVID-19 can be found HERE

Test centre closures due to other reasons can be found HERE

Please check back regularly as these test centre closure notices are subject to change. 

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