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What is an FTN number?

FAA Tracking number (FTN)

Any FAA Airman knowledge test booked after 13 January 2020 requires the participant to hold an FTN number. The FTN is a number assigned to you by the FAA and stays with you throughout the course of your aviation career. Before booking any Exams through PSI for your Airframe and powerplant (A&P) written exams, you must hold an FTN number.

Your FTN is assigned to you by the FAA after you complete your registration in IACRA or will already exist if you have a previous airman certificate. Please record your FTN as it will be required later by your instructor and/or certifying officer.

All applicants studying for their A&P (or any other FAA certification) must obtain the FTN number whether or not the IACRA application is used to process your certification or not. 

Think you already have an FTN number?

If you have been issuedan airman certificate in the past, then you will have had an FTN number assigned to you at some stage.  Of course, like most of our passwords you may find that you have forgotten or lost your FTN number. Don’t stress! Simply visit the IACRA website and log in or register for a new account. If you are a previous certificate holder, make sure you enter your certificate number during the registration process.

Finally, how do you get one?

1. All applicants must register or obtain your FTN on the IACRA website before scheduling your FAA knowledge test.

2. After obtaining your FTN, you must enter your FTN into the PSI Services as part of your registration and scheduling for any airman knowledge test.

3. Once the PSI system verifies your FTN, you will be able to create a user profile in the PSI system and schedule your knowledge test.

In conclusion, remember the FTN number should be included in your (long list) of pre-requisites in the process of obtaining your A&P.  Please note, it may be a simple step and seem like a rather insignificant part of the process but this number will remain with you your whole career, and will be something you will find yourself often referring back to.  You cannot progress with any exams until you obtain one, and we have seen many students overlook the significance of planning this process into their A&P to do list.  If you have further queries on this topic please click here to be taken to the FAA FAQs on the topic of obtaining your FAA tracking number.

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