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How To Fill Out Form 8610-2

What Is FAA Form 8610-2?

Now for the fun part! 

We know that you have a passion for paperwork, that’s what got you into aircraft engineering in the first place, right? 

Well fortunately for you, the process of becoming an A&P mechanic is full of exciting adventures in the world of forms and legal jargon. We’ll take it step-by-step, and begin with breaking down FAA Form 8610-2. This form is a must. Without it, you can never hope to realise your dreams of being an aircraft maintenance technician. It sounds intimidating, but once we explain it to you, you’ll be able to fill it out in your sleep! 

FAA Form 8610-2, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application, is a legal document that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires to be completed by anyone who wants to apply for an airman certificate or rating. The form, once filled out, identifies individuals and evaluates their qualifications along with displaying their personal details to the FAA. This information is then used to issue certificates and/or ratings for the applicant. The form will enable the FAA to ensure that the applicant meets both the policies and regulatory requirements.  

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When do I use it?

You will first need this form during your initial meeting with the FAA. The FAA 8610-2 form is the most important document required, and you will need to keep it with you at all times during the entire process of obtaining your A&P, from start to finish. It will be the first form you will complete on your journey to becoming an aircraft mechanic, and the last form signed and sealed for when you pass your final oral and practical exams. It is crucial for it to be filled out to completion before your initial meeting with an FAA inspector, who will evaluate your experience and personal details. It will then follow you to your written exams, and will be the ticket you need to grant you the approval to sit those exams. Provided you pass your Airframe, General and Powerplant written exams, you will then take the form  to your oral and practical exams. This is where your Designated Mechanic Examiner (DME) will fill out the last page, indicating a pass or fail. 

How Do I Fill It Out?

We know that government paperwork can seem intimidating, especially from the FAA, but we promise that this one is a piece of cake once you break it down. Don’t forget, you have what it takes to be here and to pass this inspection! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made it this far. And don’t forget that AeroMech Zone is right behind you the whole way!

Take a look below for a step-by-step guide on how to fill this form out to the FAA’s satisfaction: 

Remember that this is only an example, and that you must fill in this form to match your needs.

Step 1: Firstly, we must tell the FAA what we are applying for. As we mentioned before, because we are looking to apply for an airframe and powerplant mechanic rating, we will select both.  

Step 2: Provide your personal details – full name, social security number (for US citizens, leave blank for citizens of other countries), date of birth, height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, sex, nationality or citizenship, place of birth. Add your permanent mailing address and state if you have had an airman certificate revoked or suspended. Specify the type of airman certificate if you have ever held any, and state if you have ever been convicted for violations connected to various drugs and substances.

Step 3: Describe your civil or military experience that makes you eligible for a certificate or new rating. Attach a copy of the letter of recommendation.  If attending an A&P program was the route you took to sit your airframe, general and powerplant exam provide any information about schools and approved courses you have attended.

Step 4: Write down your record of experience. Indicate the service, rank or pay level, and military specialty code. List experience related to the certificate or rating you are applying for. Provide the details of your employers, and describe the type of work performed. If you apply for the rating of the parachute rigger, indicate how many parachutes you have packed. When applying for the master rating, state if you have packed as a senior rigger or military rigger. Certify that the statements in the form are true, then sign and date the document.

The rest of the form must be completed by the FAA inspector who will determine if the applicant is eligible to take the required tests for the certificate or rating.

The last page of the form will contain the results of oral and practical tests – general, airframe structures, systems and components, powerplant theory and maintenance, and parachute rigger tests.

The DME certifies that the applicant was tested, and a temporary certificate may be issued if the exam is passed with flying colours. The DME examines the papers or personally tests the applicant, grades the answer sheet, and approves or disapproves the application.

Once Form 8610-2 is completed on both sides, the DME signs the document, dates it, and indicates to the FAA district office that a decision has been made, in which case they will evaluate the form once again, and your rating or licence will be issued.

Congratulations, you have made it past the most harrowing aspect of any career! We know that paperwork can be daunting, confusing, and outright boring, but that is why AeroMechZone is here. We offer free advice on every step to gaining your A&P, and we will break down the most complicated of documents, so that you may carry on with your paperwork, stress-free!

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